Original hand drawn sketch                  The company logo                                         The metal logo now used on all our bags and backpacks    


                                                                The story of Cristina Girl  


Cristina Girl was born from my love of drawing. What started out as a casual sketch one afternoon, slowly turned into something that would change my life...... I had drawn a little girl with dark eyes, fair hair and soft round cheeks, with a little smile on her lips. I was instantly in love! I then gave her a blue colour top, a pink flower and matching collar and frill! 

After a little thought, I decided I would name her Cristina Girl. It was a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. I also wanted her name to mean something so I picked five letters from her name that would represent what I wanted her to be in life. So….

C would represent confidence, in everything she would do.

R for rebellious - just a little bit!

S for sassy and mischievous.

T for the twinkle in her eyes.

A for adventurous - I wanted her to travel the world!

I was so excited by what I had drawn, I wanted to share my creation of this adorable little girl with the whole world! But how? What would convey the attributes I had given her? What would show her zest for life and her spirit for adventure? So I decided to put her face on bags. After all, what could be more romantic and adventurous than Cristina Girl circling the globe on the shoulder of a companion!

So I started a company and put Cristina Girl on the front of every bag, because I knew that any bag she adorned would have a different story to tell. I tried to create bags that Cristina Girl herself would love to wear every day and designed them to be practical & functional with a little bit of fun, charm and naughtiness! She would carry her bag to school, to college, for travel and to work. I could see my little girl out there in the world in different stages of her life and it brought a smile to my face.

So now, when you purchase one of our bags, you can be sure of its originality, its spirit and of Cristina Girl’s love for life!


                                              Cristina Girl, your everyday companion :)