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                                           A drawing of a little girl became our brand.......

                                        Who is Cristina Girl?

Cristina Girl is your perfect companion to accompany you on every journey. She is fun, cute, practical and can be used for any occasion! She will stay water resistant when it's raining, smile at you when the sun is shining and carry all your daily items in total comfort everyday.

In the collection, there are casual daypacks & mini backpacks, satchel bags & cross bodys, all in amazing colours. Each bag is made to a very high quality standard using lightweight and waterproof materials and are designed to be long lasting and durable.

                                                              Who's the artist?

A drawing of a little girl became our brand.........

The image of the little girl below, is an original hand drawn sketch by the founder of the company. She found her drawing so adorable and irresistible, that she created a range of bags and backpacks featuring the little girl. The drawing was redesigned into the logo above and now every bag we make, features our unique Cristina Girl logo in a sleek metal finish, which is attached to the front of your bag. We think she's adorable. We hope you think so too!

If you are interested to learn a little more on this, please scroll up and click 'Story'.

If you would like to see a larger version of the original drawing, please scroll down to the bottom and click 'Original drawing'.

                                    What is the Cristina Girl philosophy?

We want you to feel confident, comfortable and happy every time you carry your Cristina Girl bag. That is why our philosophy is to make casual, trendy bags and backpacks which you can use every day. All our bags are made to withstand daily use and are designed with many useful features such as iPad and laptop compartments, interior and exterior pockets and padded adjustable straps.